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    Lighting up the large format POS market with new Durst Rho 512R

    30th June 2017

    Being at the cutting-edge of technology is a familiar place for imageData Group. This means that their customers benefit from the competitive edge that the latest advances in printing equipment can deliver.

    In response to an upsurge in demand for the latest innovations in lightbox graphics for the retail POS market, imageData Group has just taken delivery of a super-wide format, 12 picolitre roll to roll UV inkjet Durst Rho 512R.

    “We are a long-standing Durst customer and this new machine will perfectly complement our portfolio of large-format digital printing equipment. It will be particularly beneficial for producing light box posters, where its speed of 350m2 per hour and  vastly improved quality, set it apart from other roll to roll inkjet printers. It will also print onto many other substrates including banners, vinyl, fabrics, canvas as well as paper.

    “The machine’s ability to create single piece graphics as big as 20m x 5m without a join, means that truly exceptional quality indoor graphics suitable for close viewing, can be produced, effortlessly. We also have a team of highly experienced graphics fitters that install graphics for our customers, to create impactful displays in retail stores and showrooms throughout the UK and beyond.” Stated imageData Group’s, Managing Director for the retail sector, Paul Price.

    “The Rho 512R uses VOC free Rho Roll ink which remains flexible and does not crack when applied to fabrics or textiles, even when they are folded or rolled. It also has a print head with over 30,000 nozzles and uses Variodrop technology to deliver a very small ink drop size of just 12 picolitres, delivering outstanding colour consistency and detail.” Paul continued.


    “The new Durst represents an investment of around £ ½ million and this comes on top of the £1 million that we recently spent on the purchase of the flatbed Inca Onset X3 wide format UV inkjet printer. These two new additions mean that we can deliver the highest quality graphics printed on a wider range of substrates, faster than ever before.” Paul concluded.