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    The Inca Onset R40iUV , large format Digital Printer

    2nd July 2015

    Between 2012 and 2014 imageData Group invested over £4.5 million in new equipment that uses the very latest technology. Some of our substantial investments were made in digital presses, including the installation of the world's first Inca Onset R40iUV large format digital printer complete with Inca ¾ automatic material handling system.

    Inca Digital Printers Ltd are industry leaders of inkjet printers for the print industry. They design, develop and manufacture the printers themselves and specialise in equipment for the POS sector.

    The Inca Onset combines quality and speed. It delivers a fine quality maximum output resolution of 1200dpi with a 14 picolitre drop size. The Onset is capable of producing 400m2 per hour or 80 full-bleed sheets per hour. imageData Group decided on this machine to help ensure that customer needs for the speedy production of high quality outputs on a wide range of substrates up to 50mm in thickness was met. The speed and quality of this machine is perfect for our clients who produce a mix of graphics for both long and short-distance viewing.