iDG has recently been through a transition that is meaningful to the client base, and as we prepare for growth, a brand refresh is an opportunity to integrate the new and the old in a fresh way. The brand refresh will update iDG’s image, however our core values will remain the same, these being; Customer focused, Service driven, Innovative, Collaborative, Flexible, Enterprising, and Accountable.

The iDG brand must evolve to stay as a market leader and embody current trends. A brand refresh will reflect a fresh, current and up-to-date image of iDG. This will be reassuring to our existing clients and attractive to new ones.

We are expecting our business to grow over the coming years, so it’s a good time to reassess our brand and be sure that it has what it takes to carry iDG through that change. We will maintain the integrity of our existing logo, while making modifications that are noticeable, but not too drastic. The old brand had a corporate identity and we feel iDG needs to be bright and engaging and appeal to a wider audience.

Just by making slight revisions to our branding and positioning, we can:

  1. Preserve our brand’s existing integrity
  2. Infuse new energy into the business
  3. Ensure iDG’s image keeps current in the ever-changing marketplace
  4. Expand iDG’s reach to new clients and create a buzz among existing clients

The website showcases the new vibrant look and feel and positions iDG as a market leader in innovative data driven print & visual communications. Our objective is to be the brand of choice in our industry. When browsing the website or reading the new supporting collateral we want to ensure when people think of iDG they know they are dealing with experts that have 35 years’ experience.