imageData Group work closely with Arcadia Group to ensure their top brands visual communications meet their stringent brand positioning. An example of this is the work we do for their Oxford Circus flag ship Topshop store. imageData Group are ideally equipped to handle the complexities of this job.

We manage and implement the print and installation of the escalator walls. This is set over 5 levels within the store and we install the graphics when required, based on seasonal trends and Christmas. This high profile job needs to be produced to the highest level of quality. We need to work to a tight schedule to get the work completed and the scaffold organised. Planning is paramount for this job and the long standing Arcadia Account Management Team ensure the smooth implementation of the project. Communication is key between all parties involved.

The SB2 floor is installed which is the lowest level on the Wednesday evening, the scaffold company will then go in on the Thursday and the Friday evening to build the scaffold over the escalator.  The fitters will usually install the SB1 floor, Ground and first floor around the scaffolders if deemed safe to do so, completion of the 2nd floor takes place on the Saturday night. Scaffolders will remove the scaffold on a Sunday evening and the fitters will be on standby to repaint any areas that may have been damaged.

Information must be fed back from the install team as to the state of the fasteners for the graphics, as these will need to be replaced due to wear and tear. If these are not up to standard then this will affect the way the graphics look when they are installed.

The scaffolding is removed on a Sunday evening due to the store closing at 6pm. If we were to remove the scaffolding after a normal trading day then they are unable to start until 10pm. This means they are working right through until the following morning and we would then incur additional costs as the scaffolders are unable to work the following day. Adhering to budget is essential on this project.

Risk Assessments, Method Statements and insurance details must be submitted to the store and we also request the need for an additional guard on the evenings that the scaffold goes in and out, as they need access to main front door, which is the most direct route to the escalators. The scaffolding needs to have protectors/end caps and safety netting and must not overhang the escalators as this is in situ for three days and the escalators are open to the public.