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    Printed Mug Boxes

    Client: GB Eye Ltd





    GB Eye Ltd produce printed mugs as part of their merchandising product range. The mug is packed into a corrugated box and a branded label is applied to complete the product.


    GB Eye Ltd approached imageData for a solution to reduce the labour intensive process of applying the branded mug box labels by hand. It was suggested that a possible solution would be to print the branding directly onto the corrugated mug box.


    A sample of the existing E flute corrugated board mug box was supplied to the account management team to assess if it could be printed on. This posed the first challenge for this project as to replicate the existing box in E Flute limited the production to large format digital or screen print. This process is perfect for large areas of print and POS but has limitations when printing fine elements on small areas (e.g. small text, fine imagery, etc).

    ImageData's only option was to examine the possibility of lithographically printing on a corrugated board.

    After some investigation, a finer fluted material was identified - G Flute. The litho presses at imageData can print single sided up to 1000 micron so this material was of great interest, as it resolved the thickness/crushing issues that can occur with the thicker fluted boards.

    A sample batch of the G-Flute material was sourced and tested on the H-UV litho press and the print results were excellent, which was a great breakthrough for imageData & GB Eye.

    After confirming that G Flute was printable the next step was to recreate the GB Eye mug box and produce a sample.

    Enter imageData's 3D CAD specialist! Using the existing corrugated box the 3D CAD Designer was able to recreate the cutter using specialist CAD software which enabled the reprographics team to plan the existing mug box label artwork onto the cutter trace, creating a final piece of printable artwork. This artwork was the printed on the H-UV press.


    The completed mug box sample was presented to GB Eye and was met with great reception! The box was immediately put into production. The preprinted mug box has reduced the amount of manual intervention in the packaging of this product for the customer. The innovative nature of this project has also opened the door to other lithographically printed packaging opportunities for imageData.

    Technical Details